Nieuws Deks

Nieuws Deks


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Drawing its name from the Flemish word for new, original, green, and a play on words on desk, Nieuws Deks is a novel card game which seeks to explore the intersection between the news we are presented with, and the news we want.


Incorporating a style heavily inspired the bricolage of artists like Tom Sachs, the aesthetic of both the cards and the box are a juxtaposition of high and low culture, blending the “nerdy “appeal of Magic the Gathering with the traditional playing card. Hand crafted by an inexperience artisan, each card offers a unique artistic vision, irreplaceable and irreverent in their design and construction.

Players will be bewitched, frustrated, and ultimately amused as they vie to attain media dominance in this game which is as ultimately broken as the industry which it attempts to critique.

Formatting the cards in an online Magic the Gathering card generator, the artist scoured news sites such as the ABC, and The Telegraph for content. Each deck of cards is divided into four categories reflecting the four main categories of news consumption: National, International, Lifestyle and Fake news; as arbitrarily decided by the artist.

After the initial phase of digital design, the artist painstakingly glued and trimmed each home printed rendering of his vision to a generic deck of $2 Shop cards. This labour-intensive process guarantees both an authentic and rustic feel.