8 minutes.

" I told her I didn’t give a fuck. She laughed and said that she also didn’t give a fuck. I ordered another bottle of wine and she ordered clean glasses. After a while we got drunk....."

Diner Talk.

" Perhaps he will after dinner when the kids have gone to bed he’ll tell her and in whispers argue about what is to be done and how she will survive and how he will survive and how they will survive and whether more can be done and why has nothing been done and how can it all happen, and then cry harsh salty tears....."

Lions of the Orinoco.

"Their fear for him is one unakin to any with which they are familiar: death, desiccation and starvation; the booming sky that frightens their cubs, the flashing light that holds the promise of flame. Under the fur, and skin and muscle and bone; somewhere under the gaze and presence; under his command and lust and hunger; the pride knows that he has been remade to be no longer like them....."